Dosnoventa International Homies - Pol "24 Kilates"


Pol Fanlo, better known to us as “Pol 24 Kilates”, is one of the pioneers of the quality sneakerhead scene in Barcelona. Together with his partner Riki, he has
been at the forefront of 24 Kilates for more than 10 years, making it one of the best and most solid shoe stores nationwide and also gaining international recognition.

We share some things in common with Pol. Like him, we started this project because of a need - the need to be able to offer a quality product and share our philosophy with the rest of the world. After years of many projects with the world’s leading shoe brands, Pol, Riki, Clara, Isra, Quim and all the members of the 24 Kilates family have earned a place at the top of the sneaker sector and Dosnoventa’s admiration and respect.


Could you describe yourself in a few words? Energetic, a fighter, with virtues and defects too! Positive and with a lot to learn.

What is something that you could not live without? Without the sun, friends, my family or my motorbike.

What is your favourite expression? De puta madre!

Who do you admire? My father, my partner and older people with experience.

What is something you hate? I’m not a hater. There are just some things I don’t like… hatred never gets you anywhere.

Name a project Our new store in Thonglor, Bangkok

Name a city Havana

What would you say to someone who rides without breaks? Put on the rear one!