Luca Marangon: the excellence of colour


We go to Italy often to visit our manufacturers, supervise production and conduct the appropriate quality control.

Today we want to introduce you to our friend, the master painter Luca Marangon. Luca is the head of the prestigious Lumar Colors factory in the Veneto region, where they can bring everything to life that you can imagine, and more.

Luca and his team are in charge of providing colour to all our graphic concepts: from the original fluorescent pink Dosnoventa to our latest Los Angeles model and our entire collection of frames, including colours like the Dosnoventa Stuttgart’s “chameleon”.

Lumar Colors work with only the finest products at a very high level of quality, detail and rigour. Bicycles painted by them can be seen at top competitions: Giro

d’Italia, Tour de France and Vuelta a España. Together with Luca, we are putting the finishing touches on our new Dosnoventa Tokyo 2019 model, which we
will release soon…

So the next time you see the gradated colours of the Los Angeles, the neon pink of the Houston or the high gloss carbon of the Tokyo, you’ll know who to blame.